The Mixed Drinks Menu, 4th Edition - Issue 2

The Mixed Drinks Menu, 4th Edition - Issue 2



Chapter One marked the beginning of a projected series of six comics. John Morrissey, erstwhile leader of the Dead Rabbits, finds himself reincarnated in spirit in 1970 NYC. It’s a world he recognises; and also does not. The city is riven with crime, neglect and decay. Money still talks. So do strength and violence.  Drugs have taken the place alcohol had in the 19th century as a social ill.

*This is a menu, not a recipe book. 

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The story brings the views of another age into conflict with those of the late 20th century, including notions of tribal honor and loyalty.  Morrissey/Rabbit’s chauvinism, masquerading as respect, is at odds with the emancipated, independent women he encounters across the series.

By Chapter Two the character is beginning to find his feet. But the world has moved on further and faster than he realizes. The old ways are gone. He needs to rethink everything in order to survive and prosper.The rollercoaster journey ahead is filled with dangerous, outrageous and decadent characters. Blood will be shed. Scores will be settled. Glasses will be raised.

Come along for the ride. But hold on tight.