The Mixed Drinks Menu, 4th Edition - Issue 4

The Mixed Drinks Menu, 4th Edition - Issue 4


Adversity and hardship can shape you or break you.

They put character to the test and make you question all that you have known. What are you truly made of? What are you capable of?

For John Morrissey, the raging spirit of the Dead Rabbits at large in a world that is not his own, there is no question. His is a resolve tempered, like steel, in the white heat of fury.

And now things are about to burn.

Oh, and it showcases a completely new menu of killer drinks. Well, what else did you expect?

This latest installment in our six-volume series is available to purchase. (Sorry, US customers only. If you aren’t in the US, you can still view the full PDF in all its gory glory here.

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