Where to Find New York’s Most Eye-Opening Coffee Cocktails

For most of human history, any conversation about cocktails mixed with coffee began and ended with the espresso martini. No longer. The New York City bar scene is overflowing with creative, original cocktails that feature all manner of coffee liqueur, amaro, espresso, and cold brew. “I got into the bar world after working in a coffee roastery, so working with coffee flavors in a cocktail context was a natural progression,” says Pouring Ribbons bartender Erika DeSantis. “But I think for a lot of bartenders it’s a more sophisticated approach to meeting the need of a guest who’s looking for something like a vodka and Red Bull.” Below, a baker’s dozen of coffee cocktails that are worth the jitters in New York City.Reality Check
WhereDead Rabbit
How Much: $18

At this famous FiDi cocktail den, the team begins with their take on the classic New Orleans specialty, café brûlot, a flaming tableside tradition made with black coffee, citrus, cloves, cinnamon, and brandy. Then, because this is a New York cocktail bar in the year 2019, Dead Rabbit gilds the lily by adding togarashi, honey-and-vanilla syrup, pineapple, Cognac, and Scotch to create a drink that’s equal parts boozy, tropical, and spice forward. (However, perhaps owing to local fire codes, Dead Rabbit’s version is flame-free.)