What to See, Do and Drink in Dublin, Tips From The Owners of The World’s Best Bars

When Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry set foot in New York City six years ago, they had a clear mission.

“The idea was to do something that no one had ever done before,” Muldoon said. “We came over here with the intention of making an Irish whiskey pub that was a world-class cocktail venue.”

But beyond offering the finest cocktails, the two Irishmen also wanted their bar to reflect the culture of their homeland.

“The thing about Irish people is that they make people feel welcome,” Muldoon said. “They’re not famous for cocktails, they’re not famous for their food; it’s basically the welcome, the charm. And I don’t think you see that anywhere else.”

Back home in Belfast, Muldoon and McGarry had worked in a five-star hotel bar called The Merchant. But Muldoon said the prim and proper and often downright stuffy atmosphere of the famous cocktail bar was not appealing.

“Some cocktail bars, like, you have to know the owner or you have to know the person in charge in order to get in,” Muldoon said. “We wanted to have an open-door policy where everybody would feel welcome.”

After two and a half years of hard work and determination, Muldoon and McGarry turned their dream into a reality and opened the doors to The Dead Rabbit, named after an 1850s Irish gang from New York. Since then, the three-level bar in New York’s Financial District has been showered with awards and recognition, including being named The World’s Best Bar in 2016.

Muldoon and McGarry may have made their name in New York, but Ireland is never far from their thoughts. Here, we asked them to share their top travel tips on what to see — and where to get the best pint of Guinness — on a visit to Dublin.

Ryan CrownForbes