The Perfect Drink for Summer 2017

We went to the best bar in the world to find out what the drink of the summer will be — here's the verdict

Summer is drinking season.

Every year, a new breed of cocktail emerges as the drink du jour. But what is the ultimate summer cocktail? The one you can drink year in and year out, without worrying about frilly, hard-to-follow trends?

That's what we wanted to find out, so we donned our deerstalker hats and made our way downtown.We call it: "Business Insider and the case of the missing drink of the summer."

We decided to begin our search at the Dead Rabbit, a favorite hangout of Wall Streeters and delicious cocktails. If we could find the drink of the summer anywhere, it would probably be there.

Our man behind the bar, Long Thai, was more than happy to help us with our search. His advice and expertise would prove invaluable. The drink of the summer would soon reveal itself.