The Best Irish Pubs in America

The Dead Rabbit (New York, New York)

This bustling 19th-century saloon is not your average Irish pub. The ground level of this New York City space is informal, yet chic. Here, guests can order craft beers, bottled punches and 147 different types of whiskey. Half of the cocktail menu is devoted to the spirit, but most famous of all is the Irish coffee made with quality filtered coffee, cream with more than 36 percent fat content, and Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey. If you’re hungry, the hearty Irish and British food menu has fish and chips, sausage rolls and Scotch eggs, plus some modernized items including deviled eggs, burgersand truffle fries. Things get a little swankier up on the second-floor parlor — dubbed the “Cocktail Cathedral” —dedicated to expertly crafted mixed drinks. At $18 each, they’re a little pricier than your run-of-the-mill cocktail, but they’re good. Would you expect anything less from the fourth best bar in America?