Mastering Five Essential Winter Classics

In the canon of classic cocktails, there are some drinks that, due to their warming ingredients or spirit-forward construction, feel particularly well-suited to the colder months. 

This holiday season, we’ve rounded up five perfected versions of winter stalwarts, from the Irish Coffee to the Old-Fashioned, along with tips from top bartenders who have spent countless hours chasing perfection in a single drink. Here, Anu Apte-Elford on the Rob Roy, Tom Macy on the Old-Fashioned, Meaghan Dorman on the Gibson, Jillian Vose on the Irish Coffee and William Elliott on the Stinger.

The Dead Rabbit's Irish Coffee No. 2 [Recipe] | Photos: Eric Medsker

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Irish Coffee

For a great Irish Coffee, Jillian Vose, beverage director of the New York’s The Dead Rabbit, suggests stepping away from the oversized mug. “If you can do anything to alleviate screwing this drink up, use a six-ounce glass. The size of the glass is a huge reason why a lot of people get it wrong.” But it’s more than just glassware that sets The Dead Rabbit’s version of the drink—widely considered the best in the city—apart. [Read more.]

Jack McGarrypunch