King Cocktail tells us 7 spots to drink at this weekend

New York There’s a reason Dale DeGroff earned the moniker King Cocktail; the master mixologist has tended bar at notable establishments across the country for decades (including NYC’s storied Rainbow Room), and he’s penned books on cocktails (the man has a James Beard Award for Chrissake). Now a liquor consultant (awesome job!) and the founding president of The Museum of the American Cocktail (awesome museum!), DeGroff has juuuust enough time on his hands to give us his take on NYC’s cocktail scene, including where to go and what to get. (And if anyone wants to turn this into a crawl, feel free!)

The Dead Rabbit: "This is my go-to spot -- they’re the whole package, and they created a new era of cocktails. I call it the '100-year saloon', because it will always be there."
Go-to move: "If I’m on the first floor, I order a Midleton straight with a Guinness back. If I’m upstairs in the parlor, I just have an Irish whiskey."

Jack McGarrythrillist