Data Drinks: The Dead Rabbit's Irish Coffee

The chill in the air and below-freezing temperatures across the East Coast means there's no better time to indulge in a classic winter cocktail.

At New York's Dead Rabbit, the Irish coffee is among the most popular drinks served. As winter temperatures drop, the bar has seen a spike in orders for the warm concoction.

Comprised of just three ingredients, plus an optional grating of nutmeg, the Dead Rabbit's Irish coffee simplifies the drink so that all the ingredients shine through.

According to Dead Rabbit head bartender Jillian Vose, the key to a perfect Irish coffee is using quality ingredients. The cream should have between 35 - 38% milk fat and should be very cold. "If you're making these at home, it's best to use a fresh piping hot pot of coffee for each round," she says. "If you're at a bar and executing many, a hot water bath we find works best."

The bar keeps bottles filled with the coffee and Demerara, sitting in hot water, which speeds up the process when orders come rushing in.

Of course, having premium coffee on hand is crucial. "We use a Sumatra Mandheling filter coffee which is medium bodied, chocolatey, has mild acidity and light fruit & floral notes," Vose says.

Jack McGarryforbes